Ten Broadway Gifts any Broadway Fan Will Love

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Broadway people can be tricky when it comes to buying them a gift. They love certain things and hate others, especially when it comes to shows and cast recordings. That’s why it can be tricky to shop for broadway gifts for a broadway fan. You can check out broadway stores like the one here, or you can buy broadway tickets to a show, but that is sort of a boring broadway gift. Instead, think of something that is unique, useful and instead of being something generic like a gift card to download music, get something they will love. Here are my top ten broadway gifts that anyone who loves broadway will love.

Top Ten Best Broadway Gifts

Top Ten Best Broadway Gifts

1. Broadway The American Musical Book.

I love this thing. It is a giant history of broadway from the first shows and even pre-broadway follies to Wicked. It is full of facts about shows and the history of them, has tons of photos and great images and is perfect for coffee tables, reading and something that everyone will love to look at and read through. There is also a video set created by PBS that you can buy. The video set isn’t as good as the book, but it is still fun to watch. There is an awesome recording of Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel rehearsing for Wicked in it as well.

2. Window Card Frames (Broadway Poster Frames)

One thing that is always annoying, unless you like in NYC, is to go to a show and buy the window card and when you get home, not have a frame for it. Window card frames are expensive and if you get a custom frame, it can easily cost $100 or more. That’s why I like to buy a bunch of them when I’m in NYC or I order them online which ends up being around $50 a piece (If you click the link above I found some on Amazon for about $24 and less. Make sure you buy 14×22 frames since that is the size of the window card.). The nice thing is that they protect your posters, look professional and come with everything you need to get it ready to hang. Window card frames are a perfect broadway gift for someone who loves shows and has window cards but not framed or protected.

3. Wine Baskets

Let’s be honest, what do you love to do before or after a show? Have dinner or drinks and what is a drink of choice? Wine and Martinis. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the West End in London, Broadway in NYC or any other theatre heavy area, everyone loves wine before a show. Sending wine gift baskets and then also having a few classic shows or cast recordings show up is the perfect gift basket combination.

4. Shows DVDs and Cast Recordings

One thing that I definitely do is shop on Amazon for cheap show DVDs. You can get tons of them for a couple of dollars and if you order from the same vendor, or all from Amazon as the seller, you can save on shipping. This means you can send a fan a ton of classic and some newer shows for under $40 and also get to enjoy watching them when you go over to their house to visit. Because you can usually buy 4 or 5 DVDs for under $20, you have an awesome gift and will be able to send at least one show they like.

5. Playbill collections

This isn’t for everyone, but a real broadway fan will go crazy for these. They aren’t the cheapest if you go to the Playbill store, which is why you can check out amazon or eBay for the sets or at least sets with the shows your friend likes and get them much cheaper.

6. Autographs (How to get them as well).

If you know the fan is obsessed with a star or a show, write to the PR department and ask if you can get a cast autograph. A lot of shows in NYC sell window cards with complete cast autographs in exchange for a donation to Broadway Cares (which is an awesome charity) and you can ask if you can buy one and have them ship it. You’ll have to pay for shipping. If it is just one person whose autograph you want, you could try eBay or Amazon, or you could write to their management company or PR company and ask for an autographed glossy. Most of them will be happy to send one, even if they have someone else forge the autograph.

7. Paintings or Photos of Times Square

One thing that I think almost every broadway fan loves are Times Square photos and paintings. These scream broadway, feature the shows when the artist was painting and are awesome gifts for anyone. They can help keep the person excited for their next trip to NYC and are also just really cool to have. If you don’t mind spending more on the person, buy them a painting of Times Square and try to find one with the ads for shows and marquees in it.

8. Broadway Trinkets

These aren’t the best gifts, but when the person first gets a times square or broadway snow globe, they will love it. They will also probably keep it on a shelf in their room or in a display case. Even though they may not think of it all the time, it will be something they will love and that will make them smile each time they see it.

9. Broadway Merchandise

If you know the person loves a show or a character, go online and find different products for that show or that character. You can buy the Grimerie from Wicked, Short Shorts from Bring it On or even Tshirts from the shows if the person lost theirs. These make awesome gifts and if you buy something that is specific about the character they love or show, it shows you actually put thought into the gift so it may mean more to them.

10. Dinner

One thing that is always cool is if you are planning a trip to NYC to see a show, surprise them with reservations at Sardi’s or another broadway related restaurant. This is always a fun way to start your evening off and get ready for a show. Sardi’s is where they created the Tony Awards and is mentioned in a ton of broadway shows. They even feature it on TV shows when they are going to see shows or people want to audition for a show, they always go to Sardi’s.

Buying broadway gifts is actually somewhat easy to do. If you know what shows or stars the person likes, if they have window cards but no frames or even if they just love NYC, you can find something on this list for them. If you have other broadway gifts that you like, feel free to leave a comment with your favorite broadway gifts and broadway gift ideas.