We Let Our Freak Flags Fly – Shrek – Check Out The Pictures Inside

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Last weekend was The Miss Adams Morgan Pageant that takes place in Washington DC each year. Unlike other drag shows or pageants, this one is a star studded event with over 1,000 people showing up in drag, ridiculous costumes and insane outfits. If there was an appropriate event for a Freak Flag to Fly like in the showtune from the musical Shrek, this is the event where you can let your Freak Flag Fly. Our table’s theme this year was Greek Gods and Goddesses, but the theme of the 2013 Miss Adams Morgan Pageant was Asia and Silver. Asia because of the olympics, which I don’t understand, and silver because it was their 25th anniversary. Also, the reason I said Miss Adams Morgan Pageant 2013 instead of 2012 is because they crown the winner for the next year so this year is technically 2012 but it is the pageant to crown Miss Adams Morgan 2013. I couldn’t figure out what to do with my costume for Asia or Silver and I didn’t really want to do the Greek Theme so I was originally going to fill huge boobs up with pingpong balls and have a dress made of paddles, but instead I figured out something a bit more ridiculous. I went with the silver theme and completely overdid it.

I ended up finding and falling in love with a silver and white dress that I turned into a ghost. I added a silver and somewhat shiny Marie Antoinette wig, silver jewelry, white beads and painted my face with white powder, black eye makeup, red blush, eye shadow and lipstick to create a dead Marie Antoinette. I decided to keep her head on though and gave her vampire fangs for fun. Shrek the musical would have been proud of everyone at the 2013 Miss Adams Morgan Pageant because everyone let their Freak Flag Fly and had an awesome time.

There were insane drag outfits. Greek gods, chinese takeout boxes, muscle bears dressed as pandas, Phylis Diller even made an appearance from the dead with her sequins outfit, crazy hair and cigarette holder in hand. The only thing missing was the drag queen wolf from the musical Shrek who let his Freak Flag Fly as well. The pageant is an awesome annual event and if you are lucky enough to meet one of the drag queens that are performing and you can get a ticket, I definitely recommend you going. It’s the perfect reason to go crazy and have an insane costume, party with your friends and then go crazy in DC showing off your outfit. Here are a couple of photos of me at the Miss Adams Morgan Pageant in DC.

miss adams morgan pageant

miss adams morgan pageant 2012

miss adams morgan pageant 2012