Cabin Fever from Muppets Treasure Island – Awesome Muppets Showtune!

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One of my favorite things to watch growing up were the muppets. I actually still love to watch their movies today. The songs are great, the characters are awesome and the jokes are great for people of all ages. With Halloween in one week, I thought of one of my favorite Muppets Movies, Muppets Treasure Island and because I love Halloween, I always get excited to go out. Because of that I instantly though of the song Cabin Fever from The Muppets Treasure Island movie.

The Muppets Treasure Island movie is a parody of the classic story. They have all of the main characters from the book, but some of them are replaced by Muppets, some are humans and there is a ton of extra things added in and of course showtunes and comedy routines. You can’t expect the Muppets to take on a classic story and not turn it into a comedy. Luckily they kept the story in tact and actually did go to far away from the book. That’s another one of the reasons I love movies like Muppets Treasure Island. They take a story and keep the main theme and major scenes in tact. Instead of keeping everything serious, they add in a ton of jokes, comedy and music which makes it fun for everyone. The song Cabin Fever from The Muppets Treasure Island is an awesome addition to the book and the movie.

The pirates are stuck on their ship for weeks at a time and they are all starting to go crazy. Instead of just talking about going crazy and wanting to take over the ship with a full mutiny, the Muppets take over and turn it into a salsa song and dance routine that you would expect to come from someone like Gloria Estefan. The song Cabin Fever from Muppets Treasure Island is absolutely hilarious and a perfect fit for Halloween if you are playing videos along with a soundtrack for your Halloween party. The movie is awesome and so is the soundtrack. It isn’t my favorite Muppets movie or song, but it is definitely in the top of them for me.