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If you’re thinking about which touring casts to see and want to buy Jekyll and Hyde Tickets on sale or at least get a good deal on Jekyll and Hyde tickets, you can click the following link to buy broadway tickets for the touring casts in your city here.  If you’re looking for a show for adults, for a date night or just to go see with friends for a night out, Jekyll and Hyde is a great show.  It would probably be boring for kids under 14 or 15 since it is more themed for adults, unless your kids have read the book or even seen the cartoon parodies like the one Bugs Bunny did in the Looney Toons or Scooby Doo with the diamond thief or any of the other old cartoons.

Jekyll and Hyde the musical is about the story of a kind and nice man Dr. Jekyll who invents a potion that can transform you into someone or something else.  Dr. Jekyll’s potion ends up turning him into the horrible alter ego Mr. Hyde.  The two men are 100% different from each other and when one has taken over the body, the other doesn’t remember what had happened.  The show is an awesome one for Halloween Musicals and also a perfect show for you to enjoy with your partner.  The songs and playlist are also extremely memorable and there are a few famous ones from the show.

Probably the most famous song from this musical is This is the Moment.  Almost everyone knows and loves this showtune and it is extremely popular.  Another song I love from this show is Once Upon a Dream.  Once Upon a Dream is a gorgeous song and one of the best ballads from the show.  It is a classic showtune that everyone expects to hear when they see a show and as long as the Actor who is performing it is on key you will fall in love with this song as well.  One of the other famous ballads from this show is Someone Like You.  Someone Like You is a song that you can almost guarantee will get your girlfriend or boyfriend to want to hold your arm and hold you close.   It is a gorgeous and romantic song that will easily get stuck in your head and actually make you want to buy the soundtrack.

The songs from the show are amazing and if you listen to the cast recording, you’ll definitely want to buy tickets to Jekyll and Hyde the musical.  If you already want to go see the show, but don’t want to spend a ton of money, click the links above and you’ll be able to buy Jekyll and Hyde tickets on sale from one of our advertisers.  Buy buying them through our advertisers you’ll also help to support this blog and enable us to keep bringing you new and fun showtunes as well as fun shows and broadway reviews.  If you’ve already seen it or you have your tickets to Jekyll and Hyde, feel free to leave a comment below with what you think of the show and what your favorite song from the musical is.