The Money Song from Cabaret – F*cking Lazy People

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One thing that annoyed the crap out of me and still does are the people that bitch that they don’t get paid enough or make enough and never actually work a full day in their life. I remember when I used to work for another company one of my employees would constantly bitch about not making enough and always say how he/she deserved a promotion. I was always shocked when this person would complain about it because this person not only either clocked out on time every day instead of staying late, but the person never actually did anything at work or met a single deadline. It was almost amazing the amount of confidence this person had when he/she would request a raise every couple of weeks and complain about not getting paid enough when they actually had zero relevant skills and couldn’t actually get any work done. It always made me kind of pissed and also think of The Money Song from Cabaret.

The Money Song from Cabaret is all about money and wanting or getting more. It’s an awesome song that completely shows this new generation of people who are in the work force and automatically expect to get promotions, raises and extra bonuses without actually having to work. In The Money Song from Cabaret, Liza Minelli and Joel Grey both sing about money and wanting and having more. They sing about different currencies and how they love having a ton of it. It’s almost like each of these people that are entering the work force are these two people singing about money and not realizing that until they actually learn enough to be promoted or actually sell enough of the company’s services, generate enough revenue, work long enough, they don’t actually deserve a raise. Showing up for work on time is what you are supposed to do, not something that should get you a promotion. It’s kind of funny how the new generation of people going into corporate America think that just because they show up on time, stay until they are supposed to leave, not later, and because they don’t take their entire lunch they should get paid more. It’s called doing their job, not doing extra. It always shocks me when I hear them talk and complain about doing a project on time and not getting a thank you for it. They are getting paid for doing a good job, not for completing something and then expecting praise. HR departments and other people are making excuses for them, but it’s freaking ridiculous that they think this way and it’s almost sad to see that these people are going to be in charge of our economy one day. Listening to them talk is actually like listening to The Money Song from Cabaret and although it’s funny to watch and sing a long to, it’s kind of scary that these people actually think like this. Anyways, just wanted to vent about it for a minute.