Not Getting Married Today from Company

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It’s kind of funny how people flip out about things that they love like getting married or even at work when they have a simple project that they have to work on and then the person just freaks out. It’s kind of like the song Not Getting Married Today from Company.

I have no idea why I had a mini panic attack today but for some reason I did. It wasn’t my break up and all of my clients are doing well. I have a friends who I love and it’s actually kind of a nice day out. I even went to the gym and worked out. For some reason I just started to have a panic attack and I didn’t actually know why.

I forgot to eat breakfast which usually means that I am a bit off or in a bad mood, but that shouldn’t mean I would have a panic attack. I also got a full night’s sleep so that isn’t the issue. I do have to go to Vegas in a few weeks to speak at a conference. Normally that wouldn’t bug me because I speak at a lot of shows each year, but for some reason that could actually be causing me to be stressed. It could also be all of the things I have to do for Q4 this year for my clients who are mostly retail and consumer based.

I work in online marketing and if I don’t drive sales and results for my clients, they pull. Q4 is usually an awesome time where everyone is stressed, but also calm because there are tons of sales coming in. We’re also happy about this because we can have extra money at the end of Q4 to invest in either new employees, better marketing channels and have more money to spend on growing our customer bases. For some reason I think that the combination of speaking, Q4 sales and plans starting to be put together and going live and because I have new clients that just signed I am a bit stressed. It sort of made me thing of the song Not Getting Married Today from Company because even though she wants to get married, she is scared of it and starts to freak out.