This is the Moment – Jekyll and Hyde tickets on sale here

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So I’m sort of excited that the broadway touring cast of Jekyll and Hyde is coming to the Kennedy Center here in DC and you can already get your broadway tickets on sale by clicking on the words broadway tickets and still actually get really good seats for Jekyll and Hyde on tour. Jekyll and Hyde is a musical based on the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Two mad scientists that shared the same body but had different minds. Jekyll and Hyde the musical is also famous for the song This is the Moment which is one of the most popular showtunes for men that is sung at charity benefits and karaoke nights.

Dr. Jekyll is a well mannered and well respected person in his community. People know him as a brilliant scientist and his inventions are kind of insane, especially the one where he creates a liquid which can actually change your personality enough that you will do everything you ever wanted but never remember it because your body and mind take on an entirely new personality and person. The story of Jekyll and Hyde is one of the most famous. Cartoons like Bugs Bunny and Looney tunes made fun of it when they had Tweety and Sylvester drinking the potion, and neither was sure what was going on. In another episode Bugs Bunny drank Dr. Jekyll’s vile and turned into a monster. They actually even labeled the house and beaker with his name so you knew the story of it. Eventually the brilliant minds of broadway creators Frank Wildhorn and Steve Cuden and the new tour is brought to you by Jeff Calhoun.

If you love amazingly talented performers like Grammy winner Deborah Cox and love stories that are messed up like a show by Stephen Sondheim, then you’ll love Jekyll and Hyde the musical. It isn’t a family friendly show and kids would probably get bored, but it is a perfect show for date night and you’ll fall in love with the story line, the cast and the music because of songs like This is the Moment from Jekyll and Hyde. I already bought my tickets for Jekyll and Hyde the musical at the Kennedy center by clicking on the link above and you can find discounts on seats by clicking on the banners to the right and looking through what they have available.