Seize the Day From Newsies – Because it’s a good song

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I still don’t think I actually have any desire to see Newsies on broadway. Newsies is an awesome musical but the songs end up getting stuck in your head and you can never actually get them out. The show is supposed to be amazing and Seize the Day from Newsies the musical is one of the most popular and famous songs from the show. Seize the Day from Newsies is the inspirational song from the show that gets all of the Newsies to stand together and get ready to fight against the people who are making their lives hell.

Sort of like in Les Miserables or any other show where you have an uprising, the song Seize the Day is energetic and has a ton of energy or emotion in it which helps to not only get the characters going, but also gets the audience even more involved in the show. Unfortunately, these are also the songs that end up getting stuck in your head or that everyone thinks they can sing at showtunes night. Normally I love these types of songs and am one of the people belting them out, but for some reason I hate the show Newsies. I do have to give it credit though, a few of my friends who saw it said that Newsies was the gayest show on broadway. That is actually a huge deal for them to call Newsies the gayest show on broadway.

You have Ricky Martin in Evita, Priscilla isn’t on broadway any more but you also have Rod and Nicki from Avenue Q and even Elder McKinley in Book of Mormon which are all really gay. You even have Brint it On on Broadway which has a drag queen for a cheerleader and the guy who was dating the main character even ended up being gay. For them to actually say that Newsies was the gayest show on broadway, as in actually being and looking gay is kind of shocking and sort of funny. Anyways, the show is 100% family friendly and I do recommend going. I just don’t think I would end up buying tickets to it. Everyone loved the show and they all want to go see it again. I highly recommend Newsies the Musical on Broadway and if you’ve seen it, feel free to leave a comment below.