Elaine Brier – You F*cked Up My Life – Because I Got Dumped

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So this weekend I got dumped by my ex b/f because I wouldn’t drive him home because I had a drink with dinner. He told me that because I always have him take a cab (even though I offer to pay and pay for dinner and everything else) when I have drinks, that he doesn’t want to be with me. Unfortunately I am completely opposed to drinking and driving which is why I am much happier without him. The reason I thought of You F*cked Up My Life by Elaine Brier who is one of the top cabaret singers in NYC is because if I would have stayed with him he probably would have f*cked up my life.

The funny thing is that he did it by text and when he was like it’s over, but we should talk and see where it goes I wrote back and said I don’t think that would be a smart thing. I would normally post the texts here, but he’s actually a really nice guy, we just have a lot of differences in opinion so I’m going to keep it all on my phone and not post it. I do feel bad though that he doesn’t get why I wouldn’t drive him home and instead is fixating on him not getting his way. It’s kind of sad that he hasn’t realized that when you get to a certain point in life you have to grow up and realize that things like drinking and driving aren’t safe or good. I know he knows better, but at the same time he is more focused on things that don’t matter and being spoiled, kind of like he was looking for someone to take care of him instead of a b/f, that he hasn’t realized he’s in his 30’s and needs to start actually focusing on his life.

When you get to a certain point in life you need to stop having roommates, think about retirement and grow up. Unfortunately I don’t think he is at that point in his life and because of that he isn’t a good fit for me. He’s an awesome person but we are definitely not a fit for each other and if I would have stayed with him it would have probably been a bad thing. That’s why I thought of the song You F*cked Up My Life by Elain Brier. Although he didn’t f*ck up my life and he was a really nice person, if I stayed with him it could have been bad for me which is why I’m happy we’re not together anymore.