By The Sea from Sweeny Todd – Happy Labor Day!

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I couldn’t think about what to write about today because I’ve sort of checked out for the long weekend for Labor Day, I was completely brain dead.  I couldn’t actually think of a showtune to write about or anything, even though there are a ton of showtunes about the USA that would be perfect.  Instead I was thinking about everyone going to the beach to relax this weekend as well as finally having time to sleep and relax and do nothing but drink wine and read a book and hang out with friends.  I’m also completely excited for the new Tim Burton movie to come out and so when I was thinking of what to write about it finally came to me, Sweeny Todd.  By the Sea from Sweeny Todd by Stephen Sondheim is a classic song about relaxing and taking time off which is what Labor Day is all about and when you combine Tim Burton whose new movie is coming out soon you have a perfect song and show for Labor Day weekend.

By the Sea from Sweeny Todd is when Mrs. Mooney and Mr. Todd are tired of working and Mrs. Mooney wants a break from her pie shop.  Mr. Todd is still focused on revenge against the Judge that destroyed his wife and kidnapped his daughter, but even when he is thinking revenge, he actually considers taking a break and relaxing with Mrs. Mooney.  Unfortunately for her she is thinking that he will fall in love with her and he is thinking that although he likes her as a friend, all he wants is his daughter and revenge on the Judge.  By the Sea from Sweet Todd is an awesome showtune and I love how Tim Burton took it and turned it into something that looks like Halloween.

He was able to take light colors and turn them dark with costuming.  He shows the sun and clear skies but also has people dressed up in dark colors with pale skin and dark make up to turn it dark like it is Halloween at the beach.  I love the color contrasts of this song in the movie version and even though they do a good job with By the Sea in stage productions, I love how Tim Burton directed it in the movie.  By the Sea from Sweeny Todd is the perfect showtune for Labor Day and if you are going to the beach I hope you have a great holiday weekend.

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  1. justin

    This is the version from the movie musical with Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen. I thought it was from the Broadway original or some kind of Off-Way revival. Still not bad at all. It just isn’t memorable for me. The film is so grim. gloomy and morbid, that to recall a scene that takes place with a deep blue sky is just an afterthought. Then again, after a repeat viewing, it is some kind of wonder that the characters are actually hoping to see the light and power of day. Should get the DVD someday as soon as possible.