I Got My Book Of Mormon Tickets in DC Early, Here’s How.

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If they are already sold out of Book of Mormon Tickets in your city, click here to find Broadway Tickets on sale or in auctions so that you don’t have to miss the show.

Yesterday I was able to get my Book of Mormon Tickets which aren’t even on sale yet for the Washington DC show at the Kennedy Center. I also actually got my seat picked out and reserved for me which is even better. The Book of Mormon tickets at the Kennedy Center aren’t actually on sale yet and are not even remotely available, but that doesn’t stop the savvy broadway fan from finding a way around and securing their tickets. Here’s how you can try to get your own Book of Mormon Tickets before they go on sale for the touring cast as well.

book of mormon tickets

book of mormon tickets

1. Go to the Theatre’s website and look at the entire season of shows they have. You’ll also want to see if they have subscription options for their season. With the Kennedy Center, you can either buy a full season or create your own season. This year they have a ton of good shows from The Book of Mormon and Jekyll and Hyde to Anything Goes, War Horse and a few tributes. If you want to see the whole season you can, if not then you can choose to create your own subscription. That’s what I did. (All subscription seats at the Kennedy Center are orchestra as a heads up and you cannot get cheaper options than Orchestra when you buy a subscription.)

2. If you buy the whole season you are almost good to go. If you don’t like all of the shows and don’t think anyone would want the tickets for the ones you don’t want to see, select create your own subscription like I did and select at least three shows to create a subscription. You still cannot pick seats, but you are guaranteed a ticket if you buy a subscription.

Now that you have your subscription picked out, checkout and purchase it. You still don’t have seats picked out for that theatre so this is where you have to go an extra step and call the subscriptions office. Make sure you have your subscription order number with you when you call.

3. When you call the subscription office, let them know that you’d like to upgrade your seats or choose seats for shows that are all one price. For the Book of Mormon tickets at the Kennedy Center in DC there are numerous cost options for orchestra seating. For this one you’ll need to say that you want to upgrade to the next level or the higher level to guarantee that you’ll be in the front section of the orchestra and if you’re lucky you’ll have someone on the phone that will help you pick a seat right there. For shows that are all one price for the orchestra, ask if they can help you pick a seat while you’re on the phone.

And that’s it. Now you have all of the shows you want to see and tickets for The Book of Mormon in DC at the Kennedy Center before they are even available to the public with a seat picked out. It takes a few minutes to do, but it is worth it to not miss out on your tickets since the show is almost guaranteed to sell out. If you’re looking for Book of Mormon tickets and the show is sold out, try the link at the top of the page to find local show tickets as well as tickets to the Book of Mormon in NYC on sale or in an auction. You can also click on the banners to the right to find if they have any on sale or in my favorite ticket auction marketplace.  Also, if for some reason you don’t want to see the other shows but you do buy tickets to them to get your Book of Mormon Tickets before anyone else, you can always try to sell them in a marketplace like the one in the link above, depending on if the theatre allows you to sell them.  You’ll need to check with the theatre.

6 Responses to “I Got My Book Of Mormon Tickets in DC Early, Here’s How.”

  1. Jonathan Large


    Many thanks for the helpful information. The Kennedy Center has a great season and getting tickets now makes a great deal of sense, especially if you want preferred seating for “The Book of Mormon,” which is going to be a sell-out.

    • BroadwayReviewed

      I completely agree. Figured I would share since it will sell out fast and I want my readers to have an extra chance of getting tickets. =0) Make sure to mention this site if you do a subscription!

  2. Andrew

    Brilliant! I did something similar to assure myself that I could access good “Follies” tickets and we ended up about 9 rows back or so, but the key was a mini-subscription packet, a quite reasonably priced membership and essentially an immediate phone call to the box office.

    • BroadwayReviewed

      Thanks Andrew. I figured I’d share. I got front row which is actually 5 rows back since the show travels with an orchestra and starts in row E. Make sure to mention my blog if you want if you do a mini subscription package as well.

  3. justin

    Thanks for the advice. When will the show come to the Northwest? Portland, Oregon is good enough and McMinnville would be greater but Salem is just perfect. Could the touring company arrive at the Elsinore? That would be fabulous if this approach would also be accomplished on the West Coast. Don’t know who to invite or if I should see it alone. I think I will wind up seeing it alone unless I manage to win tickets through a website or radio station for example. Maybe take a roommate or friend of a friend if the possibility remains open by the time the cast comes by.

    • BroadwayReviewed

      Hi Justin,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m not sure if it is heading to the north west but I think it is in Colorado right now. It will probably do Seattle. You’ll have to check the Book of Mormon touring cast or official site to see where it will be.

      Thank you again for reading,