Live Performance of Ghost the Musical at the Tony Awards

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I missed the Tony Awards this year because I was watching Kristin Chenoweth’s tour and apparently I missed a ton of amazing performances.  One of them is the from the new broadway show Ghost. Normally I don’t like or want to see a broadway show that came from a movie, but when I saw some of the clips from the show and the stage design which was basically done by professional magicians, It actually made me excited to see it. When you watch the movie version of Ghost, you become an emotional mess and can’t help not crying during the movie. It’s amazing watching Demi Moore acting while they are playing one of the most memorable songs as she is by herself at her potters wheel and at a restaurant wishing she was with her husband or fiance. What makes it even more amazing than in the movie is that in Ghost the Musical, instead of just watching her act while someone else sings the song, you have another amazing Actress not only acting during the song, but actually giving off emotions while she is singing it making it even more powerful.

The scene and set of Ghost the musical looks amazing. The walls have projections over them and make the stage come to life and almost like it is moving and making you actually exist on the stage with the cast. Besides the moving projections on the wall, there are a ton of magic tricks and illusions in the show like when the main character’s hand passes through a door and when the stage comes to life.

One thing I hate when they make broadway shows out of movies is that they normally destroy the movie and take out some of the most important parts. In Ghost the Musical they apparently kept it extremely close to the original movie which could have been a show on it’s own. I usually never recommend going to see a show that came from a movie unless I’ve seen it first, but I highly recommend going to see Ghost the Musical based on the reviews I’ve seen, the clips and from my friends who have gone to see it. I’m hoping to see the show when I go back to NYC in a couple of months and then I’ll be able to give it a real review. If you’ve already seen Ghost the Musical, feel free to leave a comment below or if you want to see it, feel free to leave a comment as well.

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  1. justin

    Stunned to see that the 1990 Oscar-winning blockbuster is now a Broadway musical. Why hasn’t the cast performed on The View? I’ve only seen the two leads sing a duet on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I still haven’t heard a word from Whoopi Goldberg about it. Demi Moore hasn’t even tweeted as far as I can see. I would settle for a blog post from Stephen Root or even Tony Goldwyn. Remember seeing the movie at least 6 times in theatres including at a drive-in. Not that I wanted to see it that many times. It was the sleeper hit of 1990.