Bring It On The Musical Reviews – Read This Before You Go!

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I just got back from New York City and saw Bring It On the Musical on Broadway. Personally I hated it, but for anyone else, it’ll be the dumbest thing you’ll ever love. Now before you react and make comments about me hating it, I don’t actually hate Bring It On the Musical, I actually enjoyed the second act, but I was pissed off at the production. Just like any other show that they take from a movie, Bring it On the Musical is not anything like the original movie.

Instead of using the original character’s names, the main character is Campbell and instead of competing with the inner city school, she ends up becoming a part of it and competing with her old school. In the movie version of the show, it is a story about friendship and being proud of yourself. In the broadway version of Bring it On the Musical, it is all about throwing politics at the audience, trying to make a statement that is in your face and obvious. The song about stepping outside the lines and having the entire cast break the cheer competition rules by stepping over the lines on purpose was definitely not a subtle way to say you can break the rules, etc… What I did like about them pushing an agenda, besides politics and a lot of very in your face comments, is that they also had a ton of songs and characters to help teenagers, high school students and even adults learn to deal with being over weight, not the prettiest, cheating and how to overcome cheaters, etc…

I loved in the opening scene at the inner city school when the girls “crew”, since they don’t have a “squad” does an awesome dance routine and then one of them turns out to be a drag queen. The Drag Queen ends up being one of the more inspirational characters in the show because instead of sugar coating everything, she just says exactly what she thinks. What I also enjoyed about everyone at the inner city school in Bring it On the Musical is that they teach you to do your own thing if it makes you happy and to be proud of yourself.

If you’re fat, that doesn’t mean you can’t dance and look amazing doing it. If you’re into different music than everyone else, don’t pretend to like something different and enjoy it. If you like someone of the same sex, out of your league or someone of a different race, don’t be afraid to date them or talk to them. There are a million messages for teenagers about overcoming obstacles and being proud of themselves in this show which makes Bring It On the Musical a family friendly show and I highly encourage you to take your kids and teenagers to it.

Just like in the movie, there are a ton of amazing tosses and acrobatics that will get you cheering for both teams. They stunts are amazing and what I love is that they combined professional dancers and singers along with actual Cheerleaders to be able to pull them off. When I was reading about the show, the Dancers were afraid of the acrobatics and the Cheerleaders were afraid of singing solo, so instead of choosing one or the other, they combined the cast and have them on stage together. You can easily tell who is who in the cast because of their bodies and their legs.

The Dancers and Singers are thin and have dancer’s bodies. The Cheerleaders have larger muscles which you can see and even though they are in front and on stage during some of the dance routines, you’ll notice they only sing in the chorus and rarely hit a note by themselves or with one or two other people. Even though they are completely different types of performers, the choreography is done so well that you cannot tell who is who in the cast and who is going to flip or sing or get thrown in the air.

The show was actually good. My biggest issue about seeing it is that the sound sucked on the night I went. We were in the very center 16 rows back where you should be hit extremely hard with a high note or when someone belts out a song. Instead, the voices were muffled and the people singing had their voices stolen from them by someone in charge of sound who was having serious issues with microphones and volume that night. It was a shame because if I could have gotten to enjoy some of the awesome high notes and duets in the show, I would have enjoyed it instead of wanting to slit my throat after the first act.

Overall, when you are reading Bring It On the Musical reviews, they are pretty good. If the sound didn’t suck and it wasn’t so political I would be in love with it. It really is the dumbest thing you’ll ever love and you’ll be on your feet cheering when the actors come out after the show. Bring It On the Musical is a great show and I do recommend it. Unfortunately it is not worth more than $70 in my opinion so if you are going to see it on Broadway, either buy broadway tickets for Bring It On the Musical by clicking on the link at the top of this post or the link before this, or go to the TKTS counter and get a discount on tickets to Bring it On the Musical. If you are going to see it when it goes back on tour, I highly recommend clicking on the links above to find discount tickets to Bring it On the Musical for your city.

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  1. justin castillo

    Saw the cast perform on America’s Got Talent last week and liked it. Can’t believe the 2000 teen flick that became a cult classic and even a focal point in Fired Up about a decade later. Did see Rebel Wilson on Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote her movie Bachelorette which also has Kirsten Dunst. Would have mentioned the musical version to her if I was there somehow. Must also thank Entertainment Weekly for putting the Broadway musical on their Must List. Would like to get Kirsten’s opinion on the musical as well as Jesse Bradford and Gabrielle Union. How long will it be until it goes on a national tour? Can only imagine the Tony nominations and TV performances on New York-based talk show like The View and Late Show or Late Night.