Marvin Hamlisch – We’ll Miss You. Idina Menzel’s Tribute

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I don’t know what more to say when a Broadway Legend like Marvin Hamlisch dies. Not only was he absolutely one of the best song writers and creators of amazing scores, but some of his music is still my favorite from when I was a kid. I remember watching the movie version of shows like A Chorus Line when I was younger and singing a long with it and even though it is a lot later, when I hear those songs I can still sing them word for word without having to use lyrics. When someone can crate music that can be remembered more than 20 years later and that isn’t repetitive rock or pop music, that is the sign of an amazing genius.

We all recognize music from great composers like Beethoven, Mozart and other classical musicians, but if they added in words, I think most of us would only remember a chorus or a melody. With the music created by Marvin Hamlisch, people can hear it and years later still remember the words. Marvin had an amazing way of creating music that ripped apart your emotions and then either put them back together or left them falling out of you. Either way, he created music that ripped at your heart and your body and let you know exactly what the music was about and what the character was feeling. To be able to do that with music, sound and an amazing song is something that only a few modern composers have been able to do. With the loss of Marvin Hamlisch, we have unfortunately lost one of the most amazing contributors to Broadway and music.

Marvin was an amazing person and I’m heading to NYC this weekend. I am hoping to get to see the public viewing of his funeral. If you are in NYC and want to say goodbye to one of the best composers on broadway, it is opened to the public and they recommend which types and colors of flowers to buy for Marvin. Marvin gave us all a million amazing memories and gave the world some of the best music in modern shows and movies. He will be missed by all of his friends, family and especially his fans.