Bring It On The Musical Reviewed – Should You Go?

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If you remember Legally Blonde the musical, it was tacky and pretty bad but also kind of addictive. Movies that go to Broadway normally aren’t good, unless they are Disney so when I heard about Bring it on the Musical on Broadway I wouldn’t even consider going to see it. The movie was good and fun, but when they made a million follow up movies to it, it got old fast. I had no desire to see it or want to even give it a try, until I saw some of the previews for it and Bring it On The Musical actually looks pretty amazing.

I was reading about how they were putting it together and some of the issues they were running into. Dancers were scared of having to perform tosses and gymnastics and cheerleaders who will do them were scared to have to sing a solo. Cheerleaders weren’t able to be as graceful as the dancers and the dancers weren’t able to pull of the style of dance that cheerleaders use. The producers found a solution by hiring a cast of actual cheerleaders who would be able to do the acrobatics as well as tosses and the dancers and singers would do the rest of the performances.

The show is supposed to be extremely high energy and with the same team that put together Avenue Q, Next to Normal and a few other really good shows, it has a ton of potential. Unfortunately the songs that I have heard so far aren’t actually that good. They don’t sound that addictive or that fun to listen to, at the same time, sometimes you have to actually see the show to love the music and enjoy it. What I did love about seeing the previews and clips of Bring it On the Musical is the energy that is in the show and the ridiculous lifts and tosses that the characters do.

The stage is extremely high and the actors are tossed almost to the roof of the theatre. The routines look amazing and the effects and costuming are incredible. I don’t like how they changed some of the names and the outfits from the movie to the musical version of Bring it On, but at the same time they did the same thing in Legally Blonde the Musical. I definitely think that they will do an awesome job with the show.

Bring it On the Musical didn’t sound like it would be a good show to see, but after you watch the video clips it actually looks like it could be a fun show to go to. I definitely think that I’m going to go see it when it opens in NY and will do a review of Bring it On the Musical to let you all know how it actually is. It looks like it could be a fun show to see. If you’ve seen Bring it on the Musical on broadway, feel free to leave a comment below with what you thought about it.

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3 Responses to “Bring It On The Musical Reviewed – Should You Go?”

  1. Sea Hawk

    OMG, I loved this show. High energy. Fun. Music and dance and socially relevant humor all set to phenomenal music. I will see it again.

    • BroadwayReviewed

      Thanks Sea Hawk. I’m actually extremely excited to see it as well. I have a couple of trips coming up to NYC soon so I am hoping to be able to see it when I’m there.

  2. Alison

    I think I would go see it. The movie was funny at least lol. I didn’t watch the bajillion sequels after it though.