One Song Glory from Rent – The DC AIDS Walk

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Broadway has a ton of amazing charities like Broadway Cares Equity Fights AIDS, but there are also a ton of other amazing charities and awareness walks out there like the DC AIDS walk which attracts thousands of people to participate. Because the Washington DC AIDS Walk is coming up soon, I was thinking about a show that would be a good fit or a song that would be good and instead of Seasons of Love which everyone thinks of immediately, I thought of One Song or Glory from the Musical Rent sung by Adam Pascal (The original Roger).

The song One Song Glory from Rent is about a guy who has AIDS and is going through a lot in his life. He’s wondering where his life is going, what is happening with the virus and disease and how he is going to hope and deal. One of his biggest worries about having AIDS is his girlfriend Mimi who doesn’t know but eventually finds out that he is positive and lets him know that she is too. Roger is an awesome person and cares for a lot of people. His character goes through a breakdown and moves, but comes back to NYC after for Mimi and to try to make it again.

I think that Roger is actually a pretty inspirational character. He has a disease which wasn’t treatable and is still not curable in a time where little was known about it. People were still afraid to be near people who had AIDS and instead of killing himself or giving up on life, Roger fought through it and continued to try to do what he loved, produce music. The Song One Song Glory from Rent is his way of figuring out what his life is about and is what helps him figure out what he needs to do. Although he moves away at first, he eventually realizes that that wasn’t the correct thing to do and One Song Glory is all about that.

It is about not caring what obstacles are in your way or what you need to overcome. It is about dealing with those issues, moving past them and then creating something amazing for yourself. Songs about coping with things are extremely common in broadway shows, but not many of them are as memorable or as loved as One Song Glory from Rent. This is probably one of my favorite songs from the show but one that I don’t listen to very often. It is an amazing one to hear and when you are prepping for something like the AIDS walk or a fundraiser it is a perfect song to have on your playlist. I love this song and thing that it is the perfect one to congratulate everyone who is doing the walk and who works hard to find a cure for this disease. One Song Glory is the perfect song from Rent for the walk and I wish everyone walking the best of luck and you are doing an amazing thing to help find a cure to fight this disease.