What if Belle Was a Gay Man – Beauty and the Beast Video

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The other week we found a video showing what it would be like if our princess Belle lived in the Ghetto or a not so fairy tale type of village. Not only was the video awesome, but it was worth watching over and over. I didn’t think there were any other good parodies of the opening song from Beauty and the Beast, until I found this version of Belle, if she was a gay man.

Not only does the voice do a perfect job of translating what a Gay Man may think,,,if he was queeny and b*tchy, but it is a freaking hilarious stereotype video of a queeny gay guy skipping through a village and thinking out loud. Before anyone gets mad, not every gay man acts like this or thinks like this. The video is a joke and being gay I think it’s hilarious. I saw it for the first time at showtunes night last night and everyone else at JRs was cracking up to it as well. If you don’t get humor, then you shouldn’t watch the video. The video is absolutely hilarious and if Belle was a drag queen, this could easily actually be real.

I love in the video how Belle interacts with the village people, but when you take out the real lyrics to the song and add in others, it’s pretty cool how you can change the entire look, feel and story of the song, especially a Disney movie. The video is great for anyone who loves Disney and love when other people add their own twists to it like The Real Housewives of Disney video which also had Belle, except a real life version of her. The funny thing is that Belle in the video above is actually sort of just like the version of the Belle in the Real Housewives of Disney version. Queeny, mean and catty which is why it is sort of funny that people love to pick on her when in reality, Belle is the least shallow of all of the princesses considering she falls in love with the Beast regardless of his looks, reads to him and tries to do nice things for everyone.

Beauty and the Beast is definitely one of the most popular Disney movies and everyone loves Belle. Unfortunately Belle has an evil gay twin who likes to sing and dance as well and apparently she is taking over YouTube. The video is great, but it isn’t friendly for work so you may want to listen to it or watch it when you get home.