Broadway Showtunes about Vegetables – Because I’m on a Diet.

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I know I haven’t posted for about a week but that’s because I’ve been dieting so I’ve been in a completely b*tchy mood. Anyways, the diet means no fun food, limited cocktails (that is not happening) and eating healthy things like vegetables. The thing I hate most is hearing vegetables every time I want to eat and I also wake up completely hungry in the middle of the night. That’s why I was thinking about showtunes and instantly thought of the perfect ones about vegetables and vegetables causing a lack of sleep. Oddly enough both are from pretty popular shows but aren’t the most well known. The first is from Into the Woods and the second one is from Once Upon a Mattress.

Greens, Greens and Nothing but Greens from Into The Woods.

This showtune about vegetables is literally all about vegetables and greens. The wicked witch goes on a rampage about how the Baker was going through her garden stealing her vegetables. She then starts to name all of her vegetables that he ruined or stole and gets more and more mad. Not only does her rant sound sort of like what grocery shopping sounds like right now, but it is absolutely the perfect showtune that is all about vegetables.

Sensitivity from Once Upon a Mattress

If you’ve ever dieted than you know what it’s like to wake up in the middle of the night starving. No matter what you do you cannot fall back asleep because all you want to do is eat. No matter what you do you cannot get comfortable enough to actually go back to sleep and that is why I love the Pea song from Once Upon a Mattress. In the song the Queen places a pea underneath a ton of mattresses to try and prove that the princess isn’t really a princess or worthy of marrying the prince. If she cannot sleep because of the pea under a ton of mattresses then she really is a princess and if she can sleep then she isn’t. The entire song is about a pea and how it can effect your sleep so it is completely perfect for my post about showtunes about vegetables.

If you are on a diet and have to eat a ton of vegetables or have a favorite showtune about vegetables, please feel free to share it by leaving a comment below. You can also share this post on Twitter and Facebook by clicking on the icons above. Thank you again for reading and for sharing the post.