Belle sings in the Ghetto – Beauty and the Beat.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like for a Disney Princess to be in the real world? Not like enchanted where she meets someone with a huge apartment in Manhattan, but in somewhere like the slums of a city. Thanks to a really fun and fabulous production company, you can now really get an appreciation for what it would be like for a Disney Princess to be real and live in the Ghetto.

Beauty and the Beat is an absolutely fabulous redo of one of the most classic and loved songs from Beauty and the Beast. Not only does Belle actually sing a real song from Beauty and the Beast, but she even acts it out almost exactly like the real character did in the movie version of Beauty and the Beast. As she is singing and leaving her house in the morning she runs into a ton of townspeople, just like in the cartoon version of the movie and each of them have reactions very similar, but in their own way to the way that Beauty had in the movie.

Without trying to spoil the video for you, you’ll definitely fall in love with this version of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. They played the video for Beauty and the Beat last night at JRs when we were out for drinks and everyone stopped talking to watch. It is an absolutely hilarious version of the song Belle from Beauty and the Beast and you will absolutely love it, especially if you are a fan of Disney movies and spoofs of Disney movies as well.

Besides Mad TV doing a funny parody called The Real Housewives of Disney, this is one of the better spoofs that I’ve seen and actually thought was worth sharing. Please feel free to share this post and video with your friends and family on Twitter and Facebook by using the icons and sharing buttons at the top of this post or by using the Facebook and Twitter share on the video. It is definitely a funny enough video and everyone who loves Disney will love this video as well.

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  1. Alison

    I loved the video!! Made me laugh.