Somebody’s Getting Married from The Muppets Movie

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This week on Facebook two of my friends announced that they are finally getting married. I know I haven’t been posting as much as normal but work has kept me seriously busy. Anyways, the two friends who are getting married are the sweetest couple on earth, but they kind of remind me of the Muppets a bit. The one is silly and goofy and the other is funny but a bit more serious. I don’t want to out and say who they are because a bunch of you may know them, and if you do know them then you’ll know why Somebody’s Getting Married from the Muppets Take Manhattan is the perfect song for them.

I always love when the Muppets do a ridiculous song like Somebody’s Getting Married. Not only do they find a way to make you laugh by throwing in the Swedish Chef or the guy who throws the fish, but they also get you in the mood to want to sing a long, laugh and actually think you are seeing a real event like a wedding. A couple of my favorite parts of the song Somebody’s Getting Married from the Muppets Take Manhattan is when they have all of the bears in the airplanes for no real reason at all. The random things they put in like that or the random rats skating around and farm animals coming out of no where to create a chorus. Somehow Jim Henson was able to create the most unrealistic world and have everything in it become a reality. That sort of reminds me of their relationship since I’ve known them.

The two of them have been together for a long time and all of us were wondering when they were finally going to get married. They know everything about each other including a random Krispy Kreme fetish and having to have one all the time to knowing when to back off and how to prepare the perfect meal for the other person when they are having a bad day or even to celebrate. The two of them are absolutely perfect for each other and that’s why when they finally got engaged this past week everyone just said it’s about time. It also instantly made me think of the song Somebody’s Getting Married from The Muppets Take Manhattan. This is one of my favorite songs from the Muppets Movies and I’m excited that I finally get to use it on this site without having to do a top ten wedding showtunes post.